Green energy is big business.  No one would dare say otherwise.  In addition to big business it’s really the right thing to do when you consider the fact that all we have is this earth.  We should take of it.

Proactive companies are implementing green technologies not only to save money but to save face.  It’s not different in the trucking industry except that trucking has been notoriously slow to adopt green technologies.  One of the reasons for this is that there are technological barriers that impede progress.  For example, every trucker wants increased gas mileage; however, currently there are limitations on how many miles a diesel engine can run on a gallon of gas.  Additionally, truckers do not want to give up horsepower necessarily.  Changes are coming but they have been slow to come to market.  Increase legislative pressure is starting to force companies and drivers to make drastic changes.

Although American Truck Group does not manufacture trucks but remain innovative when it comes to green technologies.  American Truck Group has made great strides in our commitment to the environment. Listed below are some ways we have been busy providing a more “green” environment for our workers and customers:

— Low flow water faucets: our new facility includes this technology throughout;
— Interior LED lights: although more expensive, LED lights use significantly less energy than florescent, incandescent and other types of bulbs;
— Exterior LED lights: many people in the community have noted that our facility lights up well at night.  Our exterior LEDs are the perfect solution to increased security and visibility at a low-energy cost;

Exterior Building Lights

Lot Lights

Driveway Lights

— Rainwater retention pond: all the rainwater on our property is systematically collected in catch basins and stored in our retention pond. This water is filter again and again and will be used to clean our customers trucks in the wash.  The dirty wash water is also recycled back to a usable state so that it too can be reused in the truck wash. Ultimately, only clean water ends up in the water table below!

— Oil and hazardous waster collection: used oil is dumped into storage tanks and then used to power an internal boiler.  This boiler produces steam to power specific parts of our our truck wash.  In addition, we recycle all the old oil filter metal thereby keeping these types of materials out of our landfills!

Other Retention Ponds
Saturation water going into the water table. Wanna drink?

American Truck Group Retention Pond
Water is pumped and filtered over 340 times before it going into the saturation water table

Read more about our company and our eco-friendliness here.
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